Maintain Good Sleep Hygiene for Goodnight’s Sleep

These days of stressful and fast life sleep disturbances and sleep disorders are very common. Most of us faced sleep disturbance like insomnia sometime of other in our life. This type of sleep disturbance is generally known as “transient insomnia”, which is of very short duration and occurs occasionally. Transient insomnia is not very difficult to overcome and manage, but when insomnia lasts for long duration and in some cases for years, it becomes problematic. Transient insomnia generally occurs due to some particular situations and circumstances e.g. when we go away from home, we miss our own bed and this may cause insomnia for few days which generally goes off once we come back to our own familiar sleeping conditions.

Sleep hygiene is the behavioral and environmental factors that immediately precede sleep. For example having a very heavy meal or taking beverages like tea or coffee may interfere with sleep, which can be termed as bad “sleep hygiene” and should be avoided if you have problem in falling asleep or insomnia. Presence of bright light or noise may interfere with sleep, which also constitute bad sleep hygiene.

As a first line measure most of the doctors prescribe some non pharmacological measures for management (in other word treatment) of insomnia and these non pharmacological measures are for improving sleep hygiene. Doctors prescribe sleeping medications only if non pharmacological measures for management of insomnia fail. In many cases of insomnia the non pharmacological measures are sufficient for managing insomnia and do not need drug treatment.

So if you want to have goodnight’s sleep, improve your sleep hygiene and enjoy your sound and goodnight’s sleep and live happy and healthy.


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